Thursday, October 25, 2007

Marble Cheesecake

Marble Cheesecake order by new customer, Suresh thru Cik Rozian who placed her order on last Friday.

Suresh, kalau tak sedap bagitau Smiley. Kalau sedap bagitau kengkawan ok ;)
Thanks a bunch

p./s- I'm selling MCC at new price of RM40 for 8' (approximate weight:1kg) effective this week. Will update new prices for all cakes very soon (hmm due to the price hike of all major ingre)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Price hike

Assalamualaikum to all,

Last week I went to Bake With Yen in Puchong to buy few ingre as most of my raw materials is running out of stock. Surprisingly, few major ingre that I used in my cake had price hike. There are: Butter anchor increase 40 cents to RM4.10/250gm, Anchor cream cheese increase RM4.50 to RM22/kg and other flours namely Cake Flour and Self Rising Flour price hike in range between 50 - 90 cents/kg.

The Kraft Phili 2kg is still maintaine at RM32/2kg quite cheaper than Anchor but I don't used it as the 2 kg pack doesn't have the 'Halal' logo.

I still have to use the only Halal product, so kindly be informed that I have to increase my cake's price a bit but I believe it's still affordable among the cakes in the town.

Thank you for supporting Smiley Cake, your lovely Halal homemade cake. ;)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Order week 1 syawal

Ni order untuk minggu pertama raya drp Cik Rozian, yg dah order sebelum cuti raya lg. This is her first time order. Delivered on Friday's morning. Yang ni plak order dr my old schoolmate, Jaja. Specially made for the precious daughter Nur Aina Batriesyia. Dah 2 tahun yer Aina, be a good girl ok ;). Jaja & hubby also was the first quest to our house for this Raya. They came to collect the cake on Friday's night & I served them with very simple dinner treat. This is also my 1st time serving dinner for a friend.
Today, I got 2nd order for Marble CC from Cik Rozian , glad to hear that your guest loves the Cake.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Raya Close Up

2kg++ Moist Fruit Cake 1kg++ Moist Fruit Cake
This yr order: 6 Super Moist Choc Cake + 1 Choc Chip CC

All cakes ready to go!
Terima kasih diatas tempahan dan sokongan anda semua!! Luv uuu

My Direct Boss- 1 Big SMCC + 1 Big MFC
My Big Boss- 1 Big MFC
Along- 1 Big MFC
Kak Ina- 1 Small SMCC
Aishah- 2 Small SMCC
Pn Ana- 1 Big SMCC
Semah @ Sikulat- 1 Choc Chip CC
Kak Zizah - 2 Small MFC
kak Midah- 1 Big SMCC + 2 Small MFC

Last but not least another 2 SMCC for Kg Kedah & Kg N9 (pass kat emak for may grandmom)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Raya Cake Delivery

All orders is now officially closed. I will deliver all cakes on Wednesday, 10 Oct 2007 in my office. Any cancellation should be made by this week. Please email if you need early delivery. We will start our journey to Kedah right after Subuh on Oct 11. Thanks for all friends & customers.