Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cream Peach Cheesecake

I've long for quite sometime to bake Cream Peach Cheesecake. Last night I got the chance.
As we are having a farewell party in office today, I bring this cake to let my officemates become the first to try it.
The cake has three layers. First is thin vanilla sponge cake, second is cream cheese filling and third is peach and peach jelly.

I'm using 9" baking pan and the weight is 1.2++ kg.

Selling price is RM40. Introductory price is RM38 (limited time only!).


siku|at said...

sedap tak diorang komen ?

Farra said...

majoriti suke, except orang yg tak suka sponge cake, kakak yg komen ni in future nak ganti sponge kek tu base-> oat, yg ni kene caj lain eheheh