Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cheesecake baking pan

Hello everybody,

It has been a very long time since the last time I update this blog. I miss baking very much! My baking activity is currently 'on long holiday' since the kitchen is under a major rennovation.

I don't want to leave this blog in gloomy. So today, I just to share a short for those cheesecake lovers who is planning to bake your own cheesecake.

The first basic tool , you must have a a springform pan. In basic, it consist of two parts: a circular flat bottom, and a side formed in a circle.

There are 2 types of cheesecake pans I ever known so far:

Type 1: Cheesecake pans with Removable Bottom.
This pan are made from heavy aluminum with a removable bottom. This is ideal for the easy release of cheesecakes or cakes whose crumb crusts are difficult to remove.

Type 2 : Nonstick cheesecake pan made with a tight sealing high quality clamp. The bottom fits into the side, the side is then locked, and the pan has a top and bottom. When unlocked, the side opens and the bottom (and the cheesecake) can be removed.

You can find the pans in all baking supplies shop like Bagus and Bake with Yen.

Now, you have known with these 2 types of pan. So, which one to use?

Based on my experience, using the Type 1 pan is better than the non stick springform pan I have ever used. Guaranteed! These pans are covered under a lifetime guarantee against rusting, chipping, flaking, warping, and more! I can also remove either the baked or no baked cheesecake easily! What a peace of mind when the time to pack the cheesecake has come. I miss baking!!.

Hope this info benefit you all. Happy Baking! Any question just send email to fara_aiza@yahoo.com.

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