Friday, May 25, 2007

Late order again

Another very very late order. It’s very hard for me to say No to this person, because it came from my beloved Abang. Abang order 2 cakes for his office’s party. First is Choc moist cake and another one is any cheesecake. Because of the blueberry is readily available in stock, I baked Blueberry Supreme Cheesecake. On Wednesday’s night I managed to baked 3 cakes: CM, BSC & Choc sponge cake. Choc sponge is for Black Forest Cake that should be delivered today.(Note: Abang, when are going to pay me? eheh berkira punya wifey!!)

Black Forest cake for my officemate. I should drain off the cherry properly so that its syrup doesn’t spoil the cake. Delivered today.

Important note: I'm not available from 1st until 5th of June 07. So, order is close. I'll be sending my cousin to Tapah for Nikah ceremony on Saturday, follow by wedding reception on Sunday, follow by 3 days and 2 nights holiday in Cameron Highlands. :D Yihaaaa

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