Monday, October 22, 2007

Order week 1 syawal

Ni order untuk minggu pertama raya drp Cik Rozian, yg dah order sebelum cuti raya lg. This is her first time order. Delivered on Friday's morning. Yang ni plak order dr my old schoolmate, Jaja. Specially made for the precious daughter Nur Aina Batriesyia. Dah 2 tahun yer Aina, be a good girl ok ;). Jaja & hubby also was the first quest to our house for this Raya. They came to collect the cake on Friday's night & I served them with very simple dinner treat. This is also my 1st time serving dinner for a friend.
Today, I got 2nd order for Marble CC from Cik Rozian , glad to hear that your guest loves the Cake.

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