Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Price hike

Assalamualaikum to all,

Last week I went to Bake With Yen in Puchong to buy few ingre as most of my raw materials is running out of stock. Surprisingly, few major ingre that I used in my cake had price hike. There are: Butter anchor increase 40 cents to RM4.10/250gm, Anchor cream cheese increase RM4.50 to RM22/kg and other flours namely Cake Flour and Self Rising Flour price hike in range between 50 - 90 cents/kg.

The Kraft Phili 2kg is still maintaine at RM32/2kg quite cheaper than Anchor but I don't used it as the 2 kg pack doesn't have the 'Halal' logo.

I still have to use the only Halal product, so kindly be informed that I have to increase my cake's price a bit but I believe it's still affordable among the cakes in the town.

Thank you for supporting Smiley Cake, your lovely Halal homemade cake. ;)


yatipruzz said...

lama dah tak gi yen puchong jauh plak rasa huhu
aku slalu beli anchor kat jj/careffoure je...mahal banget 26.90

Farra said...

yati, dulu anchor cheese kat care4 rm22 ajek