Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ohoo Carrot

Carrot Moist Cake without frosting, as requested by my mom's friend. She wanted the cake to be divided into 3 parts as a gift to Ustaz mengaji & best friends. Delivered last week.

Another Carrot Moist Cake which was ordered a very long ago (during fasting month) by a pregnant lady, Yatt. I promised to deliver the cake on last Monday, bust when I SMS her, she was in the labor room due to she got a early sign of labor. Pity her cannot enjoy my cake. Due to that, her officemates Azmah & Shell took the cake and wanted to treat the whole staffs with this fluffy and tasty cake. But yesterday, I got email from Shell that she took the cake & treat the fiance family as I cannot fulfill her order (Choc Moist Cake). She had reminded me few times about the cake, but I cannot take too many orders at one time.

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