Monday, December 3, 2007

Baby Cheesecake

Good news for all cheesecake's lovers! You can now order new baby Cheesecake from Smiley!

Choc Lover's Cheesecake
This silky and creamy cheesecake is full with Choc and topped with Choc Ganache.

Left: Peanut Butter Cheesecake , rich with creamy cheese, Lady's Choice peanut butter and mini choc chip
Right : Choc Chip Cheesecake , the choc chip and great chocolate is combined in one!

Left: Cappuccino Cheesecake, the choc rice and cappuccino give it a great taste, something different that you remember!
Right : Kiwi's Cheesecake, other than kiwi, you may choose to substitute with mango or strawberry filling.

Left: Blueberry Cheesecake, I just like the blueberry filling
Right : Original New York Cheesecake, somebody may like this original new york baked cheesecake with no other flavor / filling!

Left: Marble Cheesecake, the great melted choc melted on top of it!
Right : Lemon Cheesecake, the whipped topping is just a great deco to finish the cake

Our first bite last night. My hubby very love my cheesecake than other normal cake including the super moist cho cake. He is gaining weight because of his wifey, the cheesecake baker.

Will update the price & the attractive package very soon. So, just wait. I'm also planning to share some great cheesecake baking tips!

Order for another 2 weeks already close. You may place ur order now for the delivery after Christmas holiday.


yatipruzz said...

wah baby cheesecakes! aku mmg dah lama tingin nak buat tp x berkesempatan...nampaknyer ko dah buat dulu hehe...suke tgk rupa depa yg kiut miut tuh..lurve it!!!

`Ain said...

akak pernah 2 kali buat jugak.tapi, panggil "left-over cheesecakes" sebabnya kekadang batter tak muat baking pan, jadi akak pour in small bowl and bake.rupa2nya nama dia baby cheesecake eh.

Farra said...

yati, lps ni bleh la try ek
aku pon suka, one batter bleh dpt byk flavor

k. ain, ada org panggil mini cheesecake, but i love to call it baby, somehow Junior's CC call it Little Fellas :D

eLLe said...

uishh..sungguhlaa terliurrr den..huhuhu..