Friday, December 28, 2007

Xmas Cake???

For the 1st time my GM ordered from me. She didn't make any order before due to her loyalty to Secret Recipe. But as soon as Pn Ana ( who ordered the cake last week ) gave credit to this cake, she immediately place an order.
I'm running out of time, therefore, I just decorated the top with roasted almond , very easy measy.

Xmas day was very hectic starting with cleaning the house, baking 3 cakes, going to Mak Lang and Mak Ndah house to celebrate my cousin's son birthday and just before I slept I decorate the last cake: Carrot Moist Cake. Penatnya!!
This is the Marble Butter Cake before I deco it. After deco. I brought this cake to Mak Lang & Mak Ndah house. Initially to surprise my cousin, but they just going home last 2 days. haiyaa. kami je yg ngap.

Last but not least, for my lovely hubby who left at home settling his IT project during the Xmas day. He didn't join our trip to Mak Lang house. He alone finished all the 6 cuppies. Huhu, sebab tu nak berat badan tu ek.

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